IcoFont is an open source initiative. IcoFont is a single font that offers 2400+ infinitely scalable vector icons absolutely for free. You may download IcoFont for free from icofont.com and use it in any legal personal, organizational or commercial project.

All icons are licensed under the CC BY 4.0 license. The SIL OLF license applies to the font files only. For all the non-font and non-icon files come with IcoFont downloads, the MIT license is applicable.


Attribution is required by CC BY, SIL OLF, and MIT licenses. Downloaded IcoFont files contain embedded comments with necessary attribution. While using these files normally, you shouldn't need to do anything additional to provide attribution. It is always appreciated if you credit IcoFont with our website address (icofont.com) on your project so that visitors/users can know about IcoFont at their first visit/use.

Brand Icons

The brand logos or icons incorporated into the IcoFont project are proprietary trademarks belonging to the respective entities. Please be aware that IcoFont does not endorse these trademarks nor is it endorsed by them.

We emphasize that you are not permitted to utilize any of the brand icons in a manner that is inappropriate or could be perceived as misleading. The goal of providing these icons is to assist you in creating genuine and compliant representations of these brands. Any misuse of these icons can infringe on the rights of the respective trademark owners. Please respect these guidelines to maintain a fair and respectful environment for all.


The software is provided “as is”, without any kind of warranty. The IcoFont authority will not be liable for any type of claim, liability or damage.

The IcoFont authority reserves the right to change or modify the above license terms at any time without any prior notice.

These terms were last modified on June 6, 2023.